‘Is governance the missing ingredient for sustainable aquaculture?’ was the fourth seminar of the series co-hosted by The Centre of Sustainability Governance at Wageningen University & Research.

The Centre for Sustainability Governance at Wageningen University & Research contributes innovative approaches for addressing the challenges of governing sustainability from the local to the global scale. Its mission is strongly integrated in the domains of environment, food and health, through active collaborations with colleagues from natural and technical science disciplines.

A team of academics at the Centre have worked closely with a consortium of partners from around the world to address the challenges of governing aquaculture. The sustainability of the aquaculture industry is a shared goal among governments and markets around the world. But achieving sustainability is made challenging by the continued rapid expansion of the sector. Ensuring sustainability not only depends on improved practice on farms. It also depends on the governance of the industry. That is, the role that governments, the private sector, NGOs, certification organisations collectively play in developing legitimate solutions and opportunities for sustainable innovation.

‘Is governance the missing ingredient for sustainable aquaculture?’ explores the role of governance in realising the ambitions of the sector and introduces the Aquaculture Governance Indicators (AGI) as a framework for assessing the performance of aquaculture governance around the world.

The seminar opens with a short presentation outlining the research of the AGI provided by Dr Simon Bush, Wageningen University & Research. This is followed by video opinions from around the world. An interactive discussion on the topic follows with a diverse panel of experts including Randy Brummett (World Bank), Han Han (China Blue Sustainability Institute), Wendy Norden (Seafood Watch), Anakarina Pérez Oropeza (Forest Stewardship Council International) and Dave Robb (SeaFurther™, Cargill Aqua Nutrition). Eddie Allison, Director of Science and Research, Aquatic Food Systems, WorldFish closes the seminar. Further information can be found on through the AGI website.

Theme by the University of Stirling